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Do You Need Third-Party Apps to Manage Your Social Media Channels?

With near-continuous updates to Facebook’s Business Suite, YouTube’s ever-expanding functionality, and LinkedIn’s ongoing (baby) steps toward making its native tools more useful and user-friendly, it’s tempting to say, who needs a social media app or dashboard to manage social media? Well, you might. While there are good reasons to post natively (within the app, e.g., […]

How Long Should Your Social Media Posts Be?

File under: loaded questions. Generally, we advise clients to keep their posts brief. Unless, of course, a long post is warranted. When is a long post warranted? Well 😉 when it’s important enough that your followers will probably read it. Social Media management tool Sprout Social wrote a definitive guide to social media post lengths […]

A Quarter For Your Thoughts on Inconveniencing Your Customers

There’s no butcher on site at ALDI. You can’t get a custom cake or helium balloon or even a cup of coffee. But the prices are pretty darned good, and the so is the service. And that seems to be what ALDI shoppers want. Knowing what your customers want, and explaining that you offer it