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Customers Hiding in Plain Site

Your next big customer may be hiding in plain site – inside one of your current customers.

Do you have loyal customers who don’t buy much, but they buy regularly? If so, you have upsell opportunities.

Your customers already like you. They’re already used to spending money with you. They might be thrilled to learn that you can do more for them.

Are you sure your customers know what you do?

The full extent of the products and services you offer is obvious to you, and hopefully, to everyone on your staff. But longtime customers – even your raving fans – probably don’t know as much about your business as you assume they do.

Consider conducting a customer survey to find out. Or asking your newest employee to look at your business signage with their fresh perspective. Delivery and assembly services are some of the most frequently overlooked business services that customers will happily pay extra for – especially to a business with whom they have an existing relationship.

Oh my gosh – I would’ve bought so much more if I knew you delivered!

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Marketing to Existing Customers is Easy and Cost-effective

Lead generation, buying email lists, and creating advertising campaigns are all solid marketing activities. They’re also more time-consuming and expensive than marketing to your existing customers.

And marketing to your existing customers starts with [are you noticing a trend here?] good communication.

After a brief business review followed by an on-site visit, and if possible, a customer interaction or two, we can quickly improve your ability to market to a very receptive audience: your existing customers.

customer lightbulb reaction

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