Nurture Marketing & Communications LLC is a small Ohio-based company providing marketing services centered on solid customer service principles and that are designed to work well within your current operations.

What does that mean?

We think marketing programs should be less flashy and more substantial than ongoing sales or discount offers, and that marketing shouldn’t create a lot of extra work for your employees.

Ideally, marketing makes your employees’ jobs easier, and your business stronger.

We’ve noticed that when marketing is based on customer- and employee-friendly decisions, customers and employees become advocates for your business. It’s a nurturing-from-the-inside-out kind of circle of marketing life.

Holistic approach to consulting? Marketing to create symbiotic or nurturing relationships? Sure, that’s a nice way to put it. But we’re not poets.

We’re strategic, tactical, practical marketing types who know our way around social media, SEO, html, video edits and email marketing, among other things. Technical business marketing? White papers? Developing or updating customer service policies, onboarding documents and processes, employee manuals, service agreements, vendor relations, or other internal communications? Bring it on.

Our strength is creating clear content that moves prospects (and current customers) to learn more about – and do more business with – your company. We also have experience in operations and some pretty strong opinions about customer service and employee relations, and that informs everything we do.

Want to talk about your business and how you see it growing?

We’d love to hear from you.

Nurture Marketing & Communications is a small LLC that, ironically, is not focused on growing or hiring. We have long-standing relationships with some talented individuals and business partners, most of whom work on a direct-referral basis with our clients (that is, they are not subcontractors). This provides transparency (in pricing, among other things) to our clients while we manage projects and deadlines so our clients don’t go crazy. Hey, we get it. Running a business is really hard!