Customer Service Tip: Be like Bissel

If given a choice between vacuuming and buying a new vacuum, what would you choose?

I know I’d pick vacuuming. 

So when my Bissel vacuum cleaner inexplicably started scratching our wood floors, I took it apart to figure out the issue.

Not only did I find an easy-to-use diagram of my vacuum model on the company’s website, when I called the customer service line, a real person answered, understood my predicament, and told me a new part would arrive on my doorstep in about a week. 

And it did. 

replacement part for vacuum cleaner

Next time I have to buy a new vacuum, what brand do you think I’ll shop? 


Next time I recommend a vacuum brand to a friend, which do you think I’ll name?


Do you think the Bissell customer service agent had good training? 

I do. See company culture here

Do you think the Bissel website has easy-to-use information for customers?

I do. 

Do you think that good communication has contributed to the company’s business growth since 1876

I do. 

TLDR: Good communication is good customer service is good marketing.

This totally-organic post was inspired by actual events and other than respectful communication, helpful customer service and a free replacement part, Nurture Marketing & Communication received nothing from Bissell for this post 😉