customer satisfaction keywords

How To Educate Your Customers

Tell Your Customers “Thank You” (customer appreciation)

Tell Your Customers When Something is Wrong (business transparency)

Tell Your Customers What You Do (it’s obvious to you, but maybe not to them)

Tell Your Customers What You Don’t Do (< best way to avoid misunderstandings!)

Tell Your Customers When They Don’t Need You (this builds a boatload of referrals!)

The point is… good communication is the best way to educate your customers.

Words aren’t the only way to educate customers, of course. Looking them in the eye when you speak to them, that’s a good way to show them you’re serious about the service you offer.

customer satisfaction keywords

The policies you have in place – and how you implement them (for better or worse) also teaches customers. Enforcing a 30-day return policy every.single.time might show them that you’re more serious about your policies than you are about good customer service, for example.

Of course, how you communicate your decisions regarding those exceptions is critical to employee development, too – and when you do it right, you’ll build customer loyalty in the process.

The bottom line: Educating customers takes a lot of work. But it’s worth it.

And it all starts with good communication.

Need to review or revise some policies? Create a customer or employee newsletter? Sounds like a good place to start. Please get in touch.