Good Communication is Good Marketing

Marketing is supposed to deepen customer relationships. Unfortunately, much marketing fails because it is not helpful to customers.

Some marketing programs fail because they are convoluted and complicated from an operational standpoint. In other words, they’re a pain in the …neck for employees and customers.

When marketing programs and strategies are built on the business backbones of customer service and operations, good things happen:

Your employees get behind the programs because they make sense

 Your customers understand and appreciate the programs because they offer clear (not contrived) benefits and value

Your business grows, based on good communicationand the cycle perpetuates.

Words are powerful, and used incorrectly, they can foster misunderstandings between you and your customers and your employees. But people – employees, customers, business partners – want your business to succeed. Don’t let words (or poor communication) get in the way.

Whether in social media posts or the contracts and policies you create for your business, a strong, successful growth cycle for your business starts with good communication.

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